Thursday, November 14, 2013

Odds & Ends {1}

So I decided, since I have so many pictures that don't go in any category, that it would be fun to just put all the little "odds and ends" pictures compiled in one post once a week. What day of the week, I'm not sure.
But this could be interesting....

 My dear Mom and Baby O.


Blueberry patch in the fall...

 You didn't know it, but I'm a ghost.
Haha! Love playing with shutter speed!

Better not mess with this mama....

Well, that's just a sample... What did you think?
Check back in next week for more "Odds & Ends" pics!



  1. Love the picture of Mama W. and Baby O! And the fall colours!!! *sigh*
    :) RC

  2. I Love odds & ends so this will be fun! :) Hagen a ghost!?! Haha love it!! I love all of these pics but I think the one I love the most would have to be the one of Mama W. and Baby O. :)

  3. I enjoyed these. They're great. Keep up the good work with your photography. I expect you to be a well-known photographer someday. Love you! Mimi