Saturday, November 15, 2014

Senior Session// Madison

Not too long ago, I took my friend's senior pictures.

 She is beautiful.

 A perfect subject.

 The light was delicious. Leaving us with lovely, hazy, autumn photos.

 "Flowers in your hair..."

 Autumn crept up on us. This was a perfect photo shoot to end the season with.

 She too likes photography. Check out her blog!

Of course, I'm still learning. There are things I can look back on and remember to do or not do next time.
But we both had fun. That's what matters!

"It was November- the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines.... let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul."
                                   -L.M. Montgomery