Thursday, October 31, 2013


Summer ends....
                        and Autumn begins....

The air is crisp and cool, 
the flowers wither and fall, their seeds waiting until next Summer to sprout.
                      The leafs change colors from green to red, orange, yellow and then brown, and they float on the wind and scatter on the sidewalk. School has begun, but there is always time to play in the leaves .....
Some days the clouds cover the blue sky and make it grey. Other days the sun peeks out, shining it's golden light on the pumpkins and things from the garden.
                      The geese make their way to somewhere warmer while we wrap in sweaters and scarves.
The days get shorter and the nights longer.

Autumn is just another season of life,
                                    it comes and goes. And just as the leaves that fall, it will fade away
          just as Summer did. 
and then it will be Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn again.