Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oh, Dear Spring

Oh, dear Spring, I have waited for you for many long and dreary days.
 Are you finally here? Here to stay?
I see little daffodils popping up.
    Ladybugs coming out of hiding.

 SUNSHINE. Lovely sunshine.
             Blue skies.
                  Rain! Not snow, but rain.

I doubted you ever coming back again. Especially because of the sleet and brisk wind that swept up to us the moon of yesterday.

 But the sunshine has returned, and the birds are chirping once again.

Yes, I do believe you, dear Spring, are here to stay awhile.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Odd & Ends {No.9}

Just a few bits of my life right now...

Guess what.
             The snow has all melted away!
                           I mean it. It is really gone!

I can see the grass again!

The sunshine. It is so warm.
          I thought I'd never see it again....
More pictures of Spring will be up soon....

One more thing, I've seen a lot of photographers name their cameras. It inspired me and I wanted to do so, also. So here is my dear camera's new name...
I've always loved that name! Especially because Mrs.Fox from Fantastic Mr.Fox is named that.
       It means happiness, bliss.
It just seems so peaceful...

Whada ya think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snowy Days & A New Watermark

Winter decided to come late here in Missouri.
At least the sun is shining! 

The sparkling snow is beautiful. Especially in the evening sun.

Pops of color in the snow fall.

Have you noticed my new watermark? I felt like I needed something a little more professional and grown up.
Plus it matches my hand-made business cards, so its a win win.
What do you think of my new watermark?