Friday, June 27, 2014

Odds & Ends {7}

I promise you. I'm not dead. I've been busy. Really busy. Doing what you ask? It's a secret. Not really. But you'll find out soon enough. In my next post.

I like these posts. "Odds & Ends." I can be as random as I please. Which is good for me. Apparently I'm a pretty random person. I also like doing this because I can't ever find the right words. I know they are floating around somewhere in this head of mine, but they never come out just the way I imagined.


I saw this on Pinterest, but of course it didn't turn out how I meant it to... I just suddenly realized that this picture is somewhat depressing. Burning a wish... Wow.

This is happier.

 Two little fishies in our pond. Good thing I got picture of them the other day. Something ate them...

 Little Lady Bug.

 Mother's Day Bouquet.

 Poppy. My most very favorite flower.

 My wittle sister whom I love.

 My awesome, old, vintage camera given to me by my Mom.


 Make a  wish...

So there, I'm not dead. I'm alive and kicking.