The Girl Behind The Camera

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!
My name is Hagen. I am a 17 year old, Christian homeschooler. I am a self taught photographer, quasi/pianist, a Texan! A lover of cats, skateboarding, fedoras, old cameras, my mandolin and good food.
I love a lot of things.

 I love God and I love light, but especially His light. I love how it shines through the trees, and glistens on the spiderwebs and dewdrops.
I love Summer.
 My favorite color is turquoise.
  I am a hoarder of cute paper, stickers, ink stamps.
   I love to sing.
    I love to draw.
     I love to write.
I love capturing the moment. Whatever is happening, whatever is in front of my lens, whatever happens to catch my eye. I photograph it. I am my camera and my camera is me. We are one. 
I used to think, "What good would it do to this earth to have another photographer? I mean, does the world really need another photographer?"
But photography IS me. It is who I am. My mom has taught me that it's not about what everyone else wants or needs. It's about what I enjoy doing. I enjoy photography, so I will do it.
      I am not a professional. Yet. But I don't like to be labeled anyway...

 I hope you join me in my journey through life, and my photographing adventures.

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination..."
                              -Henry David Thoreau


  1. Great blog!! Your photography is amazing!!

    1. Thank-you so much! I finally had a chance to check out your blog, I love it!

    2. Aw... Thanks Hagen! I LOVE your blog too!

  2. Love your photography & blog!

    Katie /